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7 Important Points for Local SEO

Local SEO is an important factor for Local business. To promote business in google search for a local audience or local business lead generation. There are many ways to show your business locally in SERP. Like – in Google search, Google map search, etc.

Google or other search engine uses a user location, IP address or geolocation to provide that what information or results show to end-user. Like – a dentist near me, etc.

Now, here we talk about the top 7 important factors who`s help to grow your business locally in search.

  • Google My Business (GMB) – As all, we know that GMB is the most powerful and main important factor for Local Businesses. For this, you need to first set up your GMB account by entering your Business info. Like – name, address, etc. details. Your business category, Image like – Business logo, store or shop photos, etc. after the fill-up all info. You need to verify your business to live. You do this process via verification via mail (postcard) after verifying your business you fully authorize to manage your GMB account. 
  • Local Citation or Listings` – Local citation is another important factor for local SEO. In this, you register your business in local directories or websites (business-relevant category) whos` to promote your business locally.  Like – Yelp, for India (Justdial, Sulekha, etc.)
  • Local Content Management –  In your website, use or prepare content for your local customers. Means,  use place names where your business located or your services available.
  • Local relevant Backlinks – Backlinking is the main important factor in SEO. Same as if you create or get local and relevant category backlinks for your website then it`s it help to boost your Local SEO.
  • Add Schema – Nowadays, Schema is a good choice for SERP. You can create Schema tags on your website. Like – Organization Schema, or your business services like – if you have a restaurant then you can create recipe schema for your food items or dishes. It`s effect fast to show your results in SERP.
  • Leave your Customer Online Review – Customer reviews and ratings play a good role in online business because they affect a new user or new customer. A valuable review always helps to grow your business lifetime.
  • Reply Your Facebook and other Social Media Customers – As all, we know that customer trust is always good for any business. So, always reply with valuable replies to your customers with thanks.

Apart from this, You also submitted your business over other search engines. Like – Bing etc. because here you also capture your audience via this search engine too.

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